SPOTD Seismic Ship Ramform Titan, Redefining The Term ‘Deep V Hull’

John Konrad
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August 18, 2016

Seismic Ship M/V Ramform Titan Image Via PGS

Todays Ship Photo Of The Day (SPOTD) shows the V shaped hull of the Ramform Titan during sea trials. Launched in 2013 this new class of seismic ship claims to be the most powerful and efficient in the world.

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Three variable pitch propellers provide 1.8 Megawatts of power, more than sufficient to tow her enormous spread of dual-sensor recording equipment. The propulsion system permits full operations with just two propellers, and just one of the fully-separated, dual engine rooms. Two stern-launched work boats permit streamer maintenance also in marginal weather. Maintenance can increasingly be carried out at sea without impairing operations.

Ramform Titan has 24 streamer reels, 16 abreast with a further 8 in a second row. The back deck layout is augmented by six independent source array handling booms. Steerable sources and streamers, and automated gear-handling systems increase flexibility and efficiency.

This vessel is designed to take full advantage of our GeoStreamer technology which allows the vessel to map oil deposits located far offshore.

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