@gCaptain In On Instagram (Finally!)

John Konrad
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March 15, 2017

gCaptain Instagram

After hundreds of reader request followed by months of negotiation, pleading and many thank you’s gCaptain has officially acquired our proper name on Instagram and we have started scouring the internet for the world’s best ship photos! Of course gCaptain has been published the best ship photos for years right here on gCaptain.com and on our facebook page but now you can share your photos with us via Instagram and the ones will be shared here with everyone!

Super simple instructions for sharing your ship photos:

  1. Download Instagram
  2. Visit @gCaptain on Instagram and click “Follow”
  3. Send your photo to @gCaptain… or just tag your photos with #gCaptain.

That’s it! 

P.S. Or you can just follow @gCaptain and enjoy the pretty pictures!

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