SPOTD: Orange Ocean – Juiced On The High Seas

John Konrad
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September 13, 2016

M/V Orange Ocean Departing Ulsan, South Korea for Santos, Braziz Via Atlanship

Today’s Ship Photo Of The Day (SPOTD) is Atlanship’s refrigerated juice carrier Orange Ocean.

Atlanship SA, founded in 1982, is a Swiss shipping company headquartered in Lausanne that specializes in transporting refrigerated fresh and concentrated orange juice. 

The company moves orange juice on behalf of Cutrale, which provides one in four glasses of orange juice globally – including most of the orange juice used by the major drink manufacturers worldwide.

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To do this, Atlanship maintains a fleet of eight highly specialised orange juice carriers – some of which transport Not From Concentrate (NFC) and the rest of which transport Frozen Orange Juice (FCOJ) – from Brazil to the US and Europe.

Orange juice carriers  generally contain four or five holds housing cylindrical stainless steel tanks that are kept at a temperature of between -1°C (for NFC) and -10°C (FCOJ) to maintain freshness.

Currently, Brazilian provides 25% of the world’s orange juice and the largest importer is Europe. Some of the ships were designed and constructed specifically for this trade, while others have been converted from other uses.

The orange ocean has a total length of 558′ (170m) and a beam of 85′ (26m). She was designed and built specifically for this use in 2014 at Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan.

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