HMS Daring USS Abraham Lincoln

SPOTD: HMS Daring Sails in Formation with USS Abraham Lincoln

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April 19, 2012

On 22 March, HMS Daring joined formation with USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), USNS Charles Drew (T-AKE 10), and USNS Joshua Humphreys (T-AO 188), to take part in a “Photex”. Images were taken from HMS Daring’s Lynx Helicopter 451.

HMS Daring is currently deployed for a seven-month deployment to continue the Royal Navy’s long-term presence East of the Suez. The ship will be acting as part of the Royal Navy’s standing commitment in the Middle East, providing a range of capabilities from counter piracy to reassurance of the UK’s allies in the region.

HMS Daring Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier destroyer royal navy
Image: CROWN Copyright, click for larger image
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