SPOTD – China’s Brand New “Flagship” Research Vessel

  The scientific expedition vessel "Xiangyanghong 03" was launched on Saturday and joined China's oceanic research team in Xiamen, Fujian Province. At a cost of 580 million yuan (89 million U. S. dollars), the research ship was built by China's State Oceanic Administration (SOA) and Wuchang shipbuilding industry group. Xiangyanghong 03 is able … [Read more...]

SPOTD: 6 Incredibly Ultra Wide Engine Room Panoramic Photos

Photographing a ship's engine room is a daunting task for even the best maritime photographers because of the sheer size, breadth and scale of room and equipment but, when pro photographers do get the "right shot" the results are breathtaking. Their secret: taking multiple shots and sticking them together in photoshop to create high resolution panoramas. One of … [Read more...]

SPOTD: World’s Largest Rubber Duck

The World’s Largest Rubber Duck didn’t exactly fly south for the winter, but after a much needed off-season rest the cuddly floating fowl will abandon its nest and turn the Delaware River into the world’s largest bathtub during the much anticipated Tall Ships Philadelphia Camden 2015. The largest Tall Ships event of year countrywide that combines a dozen awe-inspiring Tall … [Read more...]

SPOTD: Eagle Sydney Loads Condensate at Kårstø

The 105k deadweight ton Aframax tanker Eagle Sydney was at Statoil's Kårstø oil terminal last week taking on a cargo of condensate (light crude oil). It has since departed and is currently offloading at the port of Fawley, home of Britain's largest refinery.  The ship is owned by AET and was built in 2009. Statoil's Kårstø Processing Plant is located … [Read more...]

Jaw-Dropping Photo (and Video) Shows Massive Fin Whale in Rare Breach

Growing to lengths in the 80 to 90-foot range and weighing up to 70+ tons, it’s easy to understand why Fin whales don't often shoot out of the water in a magnificent breach. Even more rare however, is to have it all captured on film. But that wasn’t the case for a lucky group of researchers from CIRCE, a Spanish cetacean conservation group, who captured the event while … [Read more...]