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John Konrad
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January 30, 2010

chart showing the largest navy ship While they can’t claim to follow the wakes of the world’s largest ships, our friends  from the navy blogosphere still have a few interesting topics to discuss and, as of early this month, have entered a new online venue…. podcasting. Commander Salamander tells us:

Mark your Sunday calendars, it is time for Midrats with special guest Mackenzie Eaglen, Research Fellow for National Security at The Heritage Foundation.

We’ll be back with our panel this week, with co-hosts EagleOne of EagleSpeak, and Galrahn of InformationDissemination.

At 5pm EST/1700R/2200Z join us for a review of the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) we haven’t seen yet (though we do have adraft). Sure, it is due out the 01 FEB – but why wait – what is the fun with that? The first half hour will be with our panel, and the second half of the show with Mackenzie Eaglen.

We’ll focus on what should be the bold-faced-items that will come up in the QDR. You only get this chance every four years – don’t miss your chance. To top it off, we’ll try something different and take callers the entire hour – so no need to wait to get a word in edgewise – our call-in number will be (347) 308-8397.

If this is your first time hearing the Midrats podcast, then subscribe via iTunes and tune into the first episode where EagleSpeak shares the most important story of 2009 in the realm of maritime security (Hint: it’s not piracy).

You can also find the midrats team, along with gCaptain contributor Fred Fry, over at the US Naval Institute Blog.


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