TAVTS – Ship To Ship Vehicle Transport

John Konrad
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January 31, 2010

This image comes via Information Dissemination and shows TAVTS in action. What is TAVTS? The US Navy’s Team Ships program tells us:

Test Article Vehicle Transfer System (TAVTS).  The TAVTS enable vehicles to move between the MPF(F) LMSR and the MLP.  This rendering depicts the at-sea test of the TAVTS.The Test Article Vehicle Transfer System (TAVTS) will demonstrate the transfer of vehicles between a surrogate Maritime Pre-positioning Force (Future) (MPF(F)) Mobile Landing Platform (MLP) ship and a side port platform on a large medium-speed roll-on/roll-off (LMSR) ship.

The two primary components of TAVTS are a self-deploying ramp system that will be mounted to a surrogate MLP and a self-deploying sideport platform system that will be mounted to an existing LMSR ship. The TAVTS system is intended to operate through sea-state 3 conditions.

The Navy expects TAVTS to be delivered and begin testing in FY09. Testing is scheduled to last for approximately two months.

Also keep you eye on the company Thrustmaster for commercial applications of this technology.

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