Somali Pirates Are Having a Bad Year, NATO Data Shows

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November 21, 2012

The number of attacks carried out by Somali pirates in 2012 are down… way down.

According to new data released this week by the NATO Shipping Centre, Somali pirates have attacked just 21 vessels so far in 2012, down over 90% from the 147 attacks reported in 2011. In fact, Somali pirates have been nearly at bay since the start of the SW Monsoon season in June, according to NATO.  The NATO data also shows that a total of 17 vessels have been approached, 10 were successfully hijacked, and naval forces have disrupted 36 pirate action groups so far this year.  Still active, but the numbers are staggering low compared to years prior.

Just check out the figures below.

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Also interesting is where the pirates are operating. Data shows that pirates are the least active in the Gulf of Aden, where much of the counter-piracy naval forces have been focused.

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Despite the seemingly low figures, counter-piracy forces still warn that shipowners should not let their guard down.

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