EU NAVFOR Destroys Somali Pirate Whaler Used to Attack Bulk Carrier

Military personnel with the EU Naval Forces have destroyed a whaler that was used by Somali pirates to attack a Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier earlier this month off the coast of Somalia.  The attack took place October 16th as the bulk carrier, M/V KSL Sydney, was approximately 340nm from Mogadishu off the east coast of Somalia. During the attack, four … [Read more...]

Hong Kong-Flagged Bulk Carrier Attacked by Pirates Off Somalia

A Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier was attacked by pirates off the east coast of Somalia this week showing the persistent threat of piracy despite the the decrease in number of incidents off the Horn of Africa. The attack occurred Wednesday, October 16th, when a group of four pirates armed with AK-47s approached the MV KSL Sydney in a speed boat while approximately 340 … [Read more...]

Seychelles Charges Suspected Somali Pirates Over November Attacks in Indian Ocean

Seychelles authorities have charged six Somali nationals with piracy-related crimes for allegedly attacking a British containership and a fishing vessel in the Indian Ocean last month. The six suspected pirates were apprehended by the crew of an Italian warship aboard their whaler following separate attacks on the UK-flagged MV Ever Dynamic and FV Galerna III, which took … [Read more...]

European Union Naval Force Marks 9 Years Fighting Pirates Off Somalia

The European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) on Friday marked the ninth anniversary of its Operation Atalanta, the successful counter-piracy operation that has greatly contributed to curbing Somali-based piracy off the Horn of Africa and in the Western Indian Ocean. During the past eight years, Operation Atalanta‚Äôs mission has been focussed on four main aspects. First, it … [Read more...]

EU NAVFOR Captures Six Suspected Pirates Off Somalia

A European Union naval force warship has captured six suspected pirates following alleged attacks on a containership and a fishing vessel off the coast of Somalia last week. The six suspected pirates were captured aboard their whaler by the crew of the Italian vessel ITS Virginio Fasan, the flagship of EU NAVFOR Somalia. The whaler is believed to have been used to used as … [Read more...]