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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Somali Pirates Hijack Iranian Fishing Vessel to Attack Bigger Ships

By Abdiqani Hassan BOSASSO, Somalia, May 23 (Reuters) – Somali pirates hijacked an Iranian fishing vessel on Tuesday to use as a base to attack bigger,

May 23, 2017
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Indian Navy Thwarts Pirate Attack in Gulf of Aden -Defence Ministry

A Liberian-flagged bulk carrier came under attack by suspected pirates in the Gulf of Aden on Tuesday, but the attack was foiled thanks to the response of the

May 17, 2017
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017
somali piracy

Yemen War Adds to Rising Fears for Ships in Horn of Africa

By Jonathan Saul LONDON, May 9 (Reuters) – Yemen’s worsening conflict is contributing to a spike in piracy in the region, with Somali pirates

May 9, 2017
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Saturday, May 6, 2017
Maritime News

Chinese Navy Hands Over Three Pirates to Somali Authorities

By Abdiqani Hassan BOSASSO, Somalia, May 5 (Reuters) – A Chinese navy ship handed over three suspected pirates to Somali authorities on Friday, police

May 6, 2017
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Friday, May 5, 2017
Maritime News

IMB: Worldwide Piracy Up Slightly in 2017

Pirates and armed robbers on the high seas attacked 43 ships and captured 58 crew in the first quarter of 2017, a slight increase from the same

May 5, 2017
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Monday, May 1, 2017

Declining Vigilance Threatens Return of Somali Piracy, Watchdog Says

Despite reduced pirate activity off the western Indian Ocean in recent years, the pirate networks responsible for the original Somali piracy crisis have

May 1, 2017
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Navy Warship and Gulf of Aden Pirates

Somali Pirate Sentenced to Life in Prison for Attack on U.S. Navy Ship

A U.S. federal judge has sentenced a Somali man to life plus 10 years in prison for his role in the unsuccessful pirate attack on the the U.S. Navy

April 26, 2017
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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Real Story Behind the ‘Somali Pirates VS Ship’s Private Security Guards’ Viral Video

We have come a long way since the height of Somali piracy when highly organized pirate gangs roamed the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean in search of merchant

April 24, 2017
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Sunday, April 23, 2017
Mattis boards a U.S. Air Force C-17 for a day trip to a U.S. military base in Djibouti from Doha
Maritime Security

No U.S. Military Response To Surge In Piracy, Says Mattis

By Idrees Ali (Reuters) The United States is closely watching a recent increase in piracy off the coast of Somalia, a senior U.S. military official said on

April 23, 2017
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Indian cargo dhow Al Kausar

Somali Forces Clash with Pirates, Free Indian Crew

By Abdi Sheikh MOGADISHU, April 12 (Reuters) – Somali security forces clashed with pirates early on Wednesday and freed nine seamen kidnapped on an

April 12, 2017
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017
somali piracy

Security Forces Capture 10 Somali Pirates in Stand-Off

By Abdi Sheikh MOGADISHU, April 11 (Reuters) – Somali forces who have surrounded pirates holding hostages taken from an Indian ship secured the surrender

April 11, 2017
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Monday, April 10, 2017
somali pirate mothership

Somali Pirates Flee Indian Dhow, Taking Crew Hostage

By Abdi Sheikh MOGADISHU, April 10 (Reuters) – Somali security forces rescued a hijacked Indian cargo dhow on Monday, but pirates took the 11-member crew

April 10, 2017
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Navies Thwart Suspected Somali Pirate Attack on Bulk Carrier

By Aditya Kalra DELHI, April 10 (Reuters) – A Chinese navy ship supported by an Indian navy helicopter thwarted an attack by suspected Somali pirates on

April 10, 2017
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Sunday, April 9, 2017
somali pirate mothership
Maritime Security

Bulker Suspected of Being Hijacked by Somali Pirates Now Safe – UPDATE

Sunday, April 9: A bulk carrier that was reportedly hijacked by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden on Saturday is now safe and underway to its next

April 9, 2017
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pirated Indian Vessel Moved to Undisclosed Location Over Ransom Demands

By Abdiqani Hassan BOSASSO, April 4 (Reuters) – Pirates who hijacked an Indian cargo dhow with 11 crew on board have moved the vessel to an undisclosed

April 4, 2017
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Monday, April 3, 2017
somali pirate mothership

Pirates Hijack Indian Dhow Off Somalia

Update: The EU Naval Force has confirmed that an Indian-registered cargo dhow was seized by suspected pirates on April 1 and is now in the vicinity of Hobyo,

April 3, 2017
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Monday, March 27, 2017
MT ARIS 13 hijacking
Maritime News

Somali Pirates Release Hijacked ‘Mothership’

Somali pirates have released a small dhow which authorities feared could be used to launch attacks on large commercial ships further offshore. A report

March 27, 2017
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Somali Pirates Hijack Dhow to Use as ‘Mothership’

By Abdiqani Hassan BOSASSO, Somalia, March 24 (Reuters) – Pirates have seized control of a Somali fishing boat to use as a base from which to attack

March 24, 2017
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Regional Anti-Piracy Chief in Somalia Says He’s Been Fired Over Illegal Fishing Comments

By Abdiqani Hassan BOSASSO, Somalia, March 21 (Reuters) – The head of anti-piracy operations in the semi-autonomous Puntland region of Somalia said he

March 21, 2017
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Monday, March 20, 2017
Maritime News

Somali Security Forces Urge NATO for More Action on Piracy

By Abdiqani Hassan BOSASSO, March 19 (Reuters) – Somali officials whose forces freed a hijacked oil tanker and its eight Sri Lankan crew said on Sunday

March 20, 2017
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