Ships Collide In Fog – Panama Canal

John Konrad
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July 25, 2007

bulker Miltiades bow damage

Panama Guide brings us news of a collision between the bulk carrier White Mist (IMO 7821506) collided with the bulker Miltiades (IMO 8208323) south of canal marker 101, in the curve heading into the Cuebra Cut. Here is a clip of the story:

Ship White Mist damage after collision - panama canalBoth of the canal pilots responsible for navigating the vessels through the Panama Canal were “step H,” meaning they are very experienced and fully rated. The accident occurred in a thick fog in very poor visibility conditions. The two vessels hit head-on and actually became “welded” or stuck together. They were towed back to the moorings in Gamboa where they were separated. The White Mist was taking on some water but is not in danger of sinking. Damage to both vessels was considerable but no one was injured in this accident. Read More…

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