Ship Photos of the Day – ‘Barracuda’ Law Enforcement Vessel in Heavy Surf Sea Trials

Mike Schuler
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May 29, 2015


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Following up on yesterday’s ship photos of the day of Safehaven Marine’s Interceptor 48 rescue vessel in heavy surf sea trials, here’s a look at the company’s new ‘Barracuda’, a high speed Interceptor designed for military and law enforcement.

[contextly_sidebar id=”QDrH2pZUEGMC20nTvPwvK6X86WDO58zL”]According to Safehaven Marine, “‘Barracuda’ is a high speed low RCS Interceptor for military and law enforcement roles. A range of different weapons can be concealed below deck and raised up through a hatch when required, which together with specialized design and construction allows for a lower RCS than vessels with exposed weapon arrangements. The design features an all new deep V high speed hull, incorporating a wave piercing bow that will allow for speeds of 35-40kts+. The innovative 11-13m wave piercing hull will also form the basis for new pilot / S.A.R. models. This new design sees the introduction of multiple new technologies including the extensive use of carbon fibre and cored composites in its construction to minimize weight, maximizing speed and economy.”

Enough talk… check out the photos of the this thing, including some from heavy surf sea trials of course.

All photos courtesy Safehaven Marine. Footage from trials off Cork, Ireland











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