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Seismic Survey Ops to Continue in the Kara Sea Despite Sanctions

Rob Almeida
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September 19, 2014

Polar Marquis seismic survey vessel, image: Dolphin Geophysical

Dolphin Geophysical received confirmation today from the Export Control Division of the Norwegian Foreign Department that the recently announced seismic contract in the Kara Sea is not subject to the current trade restrictive measures against Russia.

Atle Jacobsen, Dolphin CEO, quoted; “Dolphin is extremely appreciative of the prompt reply and clear guidance from the Norwegian Authorities on this difficult matter. This ruling paves the way for us to continue to provide our powerful solutions to the increasingly important high-end Russian marine seismic market”.

On 5 September, Dolphin was awarded a 3-month contract to conduct 3D seismic survey operations in the Kara Sea utilizing a 16-streamer wide tow array.

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