Seismic Survey Ops to Continue in the Kara Sea Despite Sanctions

Dolphin Geophysical received confirmation today from the Export Control Division of the Norwegian Foreign Department that the recently announced seismic contract in the Kara Sea is not subject to the current trade restrictive measures against Russia. Atle Jacobsen, Dolphin CEO, quoted; "Dolphin is extremely appreciative of the prompt reply and clear guidance from the … [Read more...]

Dolphin Geophysical Wins More 3D Seismic Contracts

Dolphin Geophysical continues their steady streak of contract wins today building their work backlog for winter 2014 and Q2 2015. The company announced today the award of a 3D seismic contract in the Indian Ocean for an independent oil company for approximately 60 days commencing Q4 2014.  The Artemis Arctic has been tagged for the job. Earlier this month, Dolphin was … [Read more...]

Ships Move World’s Largest Floating Object

The sheer expanse of the world’s oceans is beyond the realm of comprehension for most.  Only those have crossed oceans from a sea-level perspective, or perhaps long-haul airline pilots, can really begin to have an appreciation of it. Beneath the waves are thousands upon thousands of cubic miles of seawater, moving constantly about via the great ocean currents. The vast … [Read more...]