Second Stash of Cocaine Found in Container Carried by Maersk Ship at Manzanillo Port

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December 9, 2016

Soldiers at the port of Manzanillo stand guard next to the cocaine packages stashed inside the heavy rollers.

Mexican authorities have seized another 278 kilograms of cocaine from a container arriving aboard the Maersk-operated Maersk Laura containership at the port of Manzanillo.

The Mexican navy said the drugs were found Thursday in 295 packages hidden inside a cargo of industrial rollers. According to the Navy the container had travelled from Arica, Chile.

The drugs mark the second illicit shipment tied to the Maersk Laura.

On November 8, authorities seized another 230 kilograms of cocaine from inside a container arriving to the port also aboard the Maersk Laura. It is believed that Thursday’s find was tied to the same investigation and inspection of cargo. Photos of the drugs show the packages discretely hidden inside a large steel roller that looks as though it was cut apart. 

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