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Seaway Heavy Lifting Cranks Out Three Heavy Lift Installs in a Week

Rob Almeida
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January 30, 2015

The Kab-C was installed on 3 December 2014. An 1,800Mt lift

Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) has been getting a serious amount of boxes checked off lately while operating in the Bay of Campeche off Mexico.  Within the span of a week, the company installed three topsides facilities on fixed platforms utilizing their modern 5000 metric ton-capacity crane vessel Oleg Strashnov.  This was the finale of a 4 topsides and 1 jacket installation project awarded by Protexa (Permaducto) and Pemex.

seaway heavy lifting
The Ayatsil-D topsides was installed on 21 Jan 2015, a 3,130Mt lift

Peter de Bree, Seaway Heavy Lifting’s COO commented on the operations:

“I am very pleased with our swift and safe performance during these five installations in the Gulf of Mexico with perfect cooperation between Protexa, Pemex and Seaway Heavy Lifting. Our Oleg Strashnov crew performed extremely well.”

Watch the following video for an in-depth look at the Oleg Strashnov

SHL says the Oleg Strashnov and the crane barge Stanislav Yudin gained additional work this week adding to the company’s backlog with a contract from DONG Energy for the transportation and installation of multiple offshore substations in the UK.   SHL says these contracts will commence in 2016 and 2017 and will support the power transmission of Burbo Bank Extension, Race Bank and Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farms.

Stanislav Yudin
Stanislav Yudin (2500Mt lift capacity), image: Seaway Heavy Lift
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