nicola faith liferaft

A life raft confirmed to be from FV Nicola Faith. Image courtesy Marine Accident Investigation Branch

Search Continuing for Missing Fishing Vessel ‘Nicola Faith’ in UK

Mike Schuler
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March 19, 2021

Authorities in the U.K. are continuing the search for the missing fishing vessel that was lost off the coast of North Wales earlier this year.

The F/V Nicola Faith, with three crew members on board, went missing off the coast of Colwyn Bay on January 27, 2021.

Although three bodies believed to be the crew of the Nicola Faith, the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) is still keen to find the wreck to understand the causes and circumstances of the sinking. A life raft from the vessel has also been recovered.

The MAIB is assigning additional search assets to be deployed over the weekend and the search area been expanded.

“This was a truly tragic accident which has left a community with many unanswered questions,” said Andrew Moll, Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents. “I and my colleagues at the MAIB share their urgent need for answers and to fully understand what went wrong.”

Starting Saturday, the search will be joined by marine scientist and oceanographer David Mearns, whose participation has been paid for by a crowdfunding campaign led by the families of the victims. MAIB has shared detailed information with Mearns about the most likely areas the vessel could be found to ensure the best use of this extra resource.

“To date more than 30 square miles of seabed have been searched using specialist equipment. We have been able to identify the vessel’s primary operating area and this has been searched with a considerable amount of overlap. The specialist equipment that is being used is extremely sensitive and the search has been hampered by poor weather in recent weeks. We remain hopeful that this immense effort will bring news the families hope for very soon,” Moll added.

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