SeaBox Staxxon Folding Containers

SeaBox And Staxxon Team Up To Manufacture Folding Containers

John Konrad
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July 23, 2011

SeaBox Staxxon Folding Containers

Too often in the shipping community good ideas, new innovative ideas, suffer from lack of support and, strangled in red tape, die an early death. But today we have good news. Staxxon, the company behind folding containers featured in a gCaptain post this April, is moving forward with production of their innovative design and has teamed up with SeaBox to purchase a  facility in New Jersey. The  building has over 330,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 18,000  square feet of warehousing, 30,000 square feet of office space and also  offers a rail spur for additional logistical capability.

Extensive use of solar panels by SeaBox at the new facility will dramatically reduce electrical grid power demand during container manufacturing and testing. This will also reduce the carbon footprint associated with each new Staxxon container produced at the SeaBox facility.

Staxxon and SeaBox have a shared commitment to using state-of-the art design and pre-manufacturing validation technology. Staxxon uses the 3D computer-assisted-design (CAD) product known as SolidWorks to develop and document its ISO steel container nesting and folding technology. SeaBox was able to take the Staxxon CAD files and rapidly generate the bill of materials and drawings needed for production.

Staxxon selected SeaBox to build the first set of 20′ standard dry containers based on the patented Staxxon Folding/Nesting Technology that allows up to five (5) empty ISO steel containers to be moved, stored and stowed in the same space as one (1) container. The containers produced by SeaBox will be used by Staxxon to obtain a Convention for Safe Containers (“CSC”) certification as well as for additional field tests and non-commercial sea trials.

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