Saudi Supertanker Fully Laden with American Oil Arrives Off China

Mike Schuler
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April 12, 2018

A image posted by to Twitter shows the MT SHADEN at anchor off the coast of Rizhau. Image:

A Saudi supertanker carrying the first export cargo from the United States’ only port capable of handling the world’s biggest oil tankers has arrived off China.

According to the website, the Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) Shaden has now arrived at an offshore anchorage at the Port of Rizhao.

The company has been tracking the Saudi Arabian-owned Shaden since it departed the U.S. Gulf Coast in February.

The tanker is laden with 2 million barrels of oil that was loaded at the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, or the LOOP.

The LOOP, which is located in deeper water about 18 miles off of the Louisiana coast, is currently the only deepwater port in the U.S. capable of handling the world’s biggest.

Shaden’s departure marked the first time a fully laden supertanker sailed from an American port. Since then, at least one other VLCC has loaded at the port.

AIS ship tracking data showed the Shaden was due to arrive at port of Rizhao on April 13 at 0200 local time.

The United States lifted a 40-year ban on most crude oil exports in late 2015, reshaping the global energy map. Since then, China and other Asian countries have emerged as big buyers of American crude.

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