Same gCaptain, Great New Look

Mike Schuler
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August 29, 2008

gCaptain is proud to publish the great new layout for our blog page!  Our goal was to provide you, the readers with the most user friendly ways to access all the great content that gCaptain has to offer and we think you’ll really enjoy some of the new features. As you may know, gCaptain prides itself on bringing tools of web 2.0 to the professional mariner and enthusiast alike, not to mention the latest news from the waterfront. Let’s take a look:

First, if you notice to your right you’ll see 4 large, grey icons.  These are links to some great tools that we feel will be of use to everyone out there.

This link will take you to our Maritime Industry Custom Search Engine powered by Google.  You can search within maritime related sites, gCaptain or both.  Also, above this you’ll find a quick search box but by clicking this icon you will have greater filter options.

By clicking on this icon, you can sign up for our gCaptain RSS feed.  What is an RSS feed you ask?  It is a tool that allows users to access a great amount of content in a small amount of time.  By subscribing, you will receive updates every time gCaptain posts new content and how you receive the content is up to you.

This icon will take you to Messing About In Ships, a podcast for mariners hosted by Sea-Fever’s Peter A. Mello and our very own Captain John Konrad with contribution from Captain Kelly Sweeney.

The envelope icon will bring you to the Contact Us page and we encourage everyone to use it.  Email us with tips on breaking news or general questions.  gCaptain is also always on the look out for people to share their knowledge of the maritime industry so if you feel you can contribute content, this is where you will find out how.

Below these icons you will find our Comment Box where you can see the articles people are commenting on.  By the way, we really want everyone to comment as much as possible.  It’s easy to do… all you need is an email address. Don’t worry we won’t spam you.  Also we are planning a contest that will be open only to our commentors (we’ll update you on that later, so stay tuned).

Next, is Popular Tags, This provides you with an easy way to sift through gCaptain’s content related to certain topics of interest to you.  A great way to get information.

Going down from there you will see our Sponsors, they make gCaptain possible so be sure to give them our support.  You will also find a list our great Authors and Most Recent and Popular Posts.

Finally, you can still read the latest articles on our blog’s hompage but by clicking on the title of an article, you will be taken to a separate page that allows you to comment, find related posts, or share the post with friends.  One new feature you will see here are the icons below:

Social Media Buttons - Found at the bottom of every gCaptain Article

These are easy ways to share gCaptain content with your friends.  You can email it, post it on your facebook page or Twitter, bookmark it in Google, or share on StumbleUpon with a thumbs up (StumbleUpon is a great way to find unique content based on your interests that you would never find otherwise and we encourage everyone to use it, but it is addicting… you have been warned!).  Also click on the More icon to access countless other ways to share our content.

So, these are the new and upgraded features that you will find on our blog page and we think that everyone will really enjoy them for surfing our content.  But we want to know what you think!  Let us know in the comments.

-gCaptain Team


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