Sailboat Sinks in Collision with Tug Near Golden Gate Bridge

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January 28, 2013

Undated file photo of ship traffic under the Golden Gate Bridge. Photo: Mike Schuler

Two recreational sailors had to be rescued from San Francisco Bay on Saturday after their sailboat sank following a collision with a tug.

A report from the San Francisco Chronicle quoted a U.S. Coast Guard official as saying the collision occurred at approximately 3:10 p.m. Saturday near the Golden Gate Bridge and that the sailboat had sunk following the incident. One of the individuals had to be treated for a mild case of hypothermia, the Chronicle reports.

Oddly, little information about the collision has been released, including anything about the tug and/or tug and barge unit involved. There also seemed to be some questions about whether or not the sailboat involved was with the Three Bridge Fiasco race being held in the Bay although rumors around the web indicate that the collision was just outside the Golden Gate and was not with the race.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing…

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