Russia’s Femco Denies Weapons Shipment Claim

Mike Schuler
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June 20, 2012

M/V Alaed

Russia’s Femco Shipping has denied claims made by the mass media and the British Foreign Ministry that one of its ships was illegally transporting weapons and military helicopters to Syria, leading to the loss of insurance coverage for the ship and possibly entire Femco fleet.

Femco had previously declined to comment on the matter, but today posted the following statement posted to its website:

Publications on illegal actions of the ship-owner of M/V “Alaed” are incorrect. The vessel now makes an ordinary commercial voyage, in full accordance with international norms and rules. Contractual obligations are being performed by the Ship-owner properly.

The reliability and business integrity of FEMCO Group is well known in the market of carriage of goods services. We highly value our reputation and mean to comply with these principles of our activity also in future.

Although it was originally expected that the ship would continue to Syria despite its loss of coverage, the ship was confirmed to have turned back on Tuesday.

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