Rolls-Royce UT 712 CD

Rosetti Marino Awards Rolls-Royce £18 Million Anchor Handler Contract

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June 20, 2012

UT 712 CD, image: Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce announced today the signing of an £18 million contract with Italian shipyard Rosetti Marino S.p.A for the design and delivery of an integrated power & propulsion and equipment system for an anchor handling vessel.

The vessel will be built for Augusta Offshore S.p.A and is a repeat order of a Rolls-Royce UT 712 CD due to be delivered in June from the same yard.

Rosetti Marino S.p.A
Rosetti Marino S.p.A, click for larger

Hans Robert Almestad, Rolls-Royce, General Sales Manager, said: “This is the 12th contract Rolls-Royce has signed with Rosetti and it has further strengthened our position in the Mediterranean market as a leading supplier of mission-critical technology and systems for the offshore oil and gas industry.”

Due for delivery in mid 2014, the high tech vessel is specially designed and equipped for handling anchors and mooring lines in water up to 2000 metres deep. The vessel is also equipped to undertake oil recovery, ROV/DP operation, fire fighting, stand by and rescue duties.Accommodation facilities are arranged for 28 persons.

Rolls-Royce will also supply the main engines, propulsion systems and gear, tunnel thrusters, rudders, deck machinery, electrical systems as well as automation and control systems.

Main particulars:
Length overall                                                approx. 79.70m
Length between p.p.                                     69.50m
Breadth moulded                                           19.20m
Depth main deck                                           8.30m
Design draught (2.0m freeboard)            6.30m
Max draught (1.5m freeboard)                 approx. 6.80m
Max draught scantling                              approx. 6.95m
Max freeboard in rescue operations       2.50m
Cargo deck area (38.2m x 16m)               610 m2


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