WATCH: Replacing Z-Drives Onboard the USCGC Barbara Mabrity

Mike Schuler
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March 22, 2013

Continuing with our streak of timelapse videos this week – we’ve already seen Building the World’s Largest Ship in 50,000 Pics and 1100-Ton Car Ferry Superstructure Placed Onto Hull – here is a video showing the replacement of two thirteen-ton Z-drive propulsion units onboard the Coast Guard Cutter Barbara Mabrity.

The project was carried out at the Coast Guard Industrial Production Facility New Orleans at their dockside facilities near New Orleans East on March 11, 2013.

The Barbara Mabrity is part of the USCG’s 175-foot Keeper Class Coastal Class Buoy Tenders, which are the first Coast Guard cutters equipped with Z-Drive propulsion units instead of the standard propeller and rudder configuration. They are designed to independently rotate 360 degrees.

Based out of Mobile, AL, the Barbara Mabrity tasked with maintaining aids to navigation (ATON) and search and rescue (SAR) from as far west as Baton Rogue, LA to as far east as Carrabelle, FL.

The Barbara Mabrity is named after the famous lighthouse keeper assigned to the Key West Light in the 1800’s.

The cutter has since returned to service.

The Coast Guard Cutter Joshua Appleby (WLM 556), part of the a 175' long Keeper Class Cutters
The Coast Guard Cutter Joshua Appleby (WLM 556), part of the a 175′ long Keeper Class Cutters
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