Product Tanker ‘Scan Master’ Refloated from Norway Coast

Mike Schuler
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March 25, 2015

scan master

A Norwegian product tanker has been refloated from the the coastline of a fjord along the country’s central western coast.

The Scan Master ran aground near Hemneskjela in Snillfjord, Norway overnight Saturday while carrying 600 tonnes of fish entrails. A tanker began transferring the perishable cargo on Tuesday after failed attempts to refloat the vessel.

Reports say that the ship was refloated with the help of two tugboats just before 14:30 hours on Wednesday. No oil was leaked from the vessel and none of the 6 crewmembers were injured in the grounding.

The tanker will now be towed to Sandstad, Norway for initial inspection before heading to Kristiansund.

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