MV Sanco Sword Tows Record-Setting Seismic Streamer Spread

Mike Schuler
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March 25, 2015

MV Sanco Sword. Photo: Dolphin Geophysical

Norway-based Dolphin Geophysical has claimed the mobilization of the “world’s largest floating object” by deploying a seismic streamer spread covering a total area of 12 square kilometers off the coast of Myanmar.

The seismic spread was made up of 12 streamers, 7,050 meters in length with 150 meters streamer separation making for a total separation of 1.8 kilometers.

The configuration was towed behind Dolphin Geophysical’s new high capacity 3D seismic vessel MV Sanco Sword as part of a survey project for Ophir Energy Plc.

Bjarne Stavenes, VP Technical, commented: “Ophir Energy PLC challenged the industry to provide a cost efficient solution to acquire their large 10,000 square km. survey in Myanmar. Dolphin responded by offering this ultra-wide towing solution. After a swift mobilisation, Dolphin’s Sanco Sword is now in steady production with acquisition of about 150 square km in a single day. This is believed to be a world record for our industry and we expect Sword to become the benchmark vessel when it comes to productivity going forward.”

The 2014-built, 216-tonne bollard pull Sanco Sword has a max seismic cable configuration of 16 streamers measuring 9,000 meters in length.

Photos below courtesy Dolphin Geophysical

Sword 0.5 mile drone I

Sword 1 mile drone I

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