Polar Mist – A Modern Day Treasure Ship Lost At Sea

John Konrad
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March 18, 2009


Do Treasure Ships still sail the seven seas?

We have recently been fascinated by Discovery Channel’s show Treasure Quest as they follow the M/V Odyssey Explorer on her voyage to find lost treasure long ago sunk in the English Channel but certainly treasure ships have been long extinct, right? Maybe Not.

The Associated Press brings us this story of a ship, laden with over 16 million dollars in gold, lost off the coast of Buenos Aires. They tell us:

Gold Ship Polar Mist

It’s a story of a ship that vanished off the coast of Patagonia with a cargo of gold and silver, but its ending remains shrouded in mystery.
The Polar Mist was abandoned by its crew in a storm and sank earlier this year, but did the nine tons of gold and silver aboard worth more than 16 million dollars go down with it?
“Nobody knows anything. There is something strange here, but nobody knows what. I’ve made inquiries everywhere: nobody knows,” said John Wilson, the Argentine representative of the British insurance company Lloyd’s.

The mining group Cerro Vanguardia, which owns nearly all the gold and silver aboard the Polar Mist, has said the cargo was insured by Lloyd’s.

“The insurance company has confirmed to us they have every intention of recovering it. They will return the cargo and we will resume the shipment that was interrupted,” said Jorge Palmes, president of Cerro Vanguardia.

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Stay tuned for more details on this amazing story.

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