Pirate Kingpin’s Retirement Announcement Press Conference [VIDEO]

Mike Schuler
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January 11, 2013

Is this guy kidding me with this press conference?

Earlier this week we posted about a pirate “Kingpin” named Mohamed Abdi Hassan, aka ‘Afweyne’ (translated ‘Big Mouth’), who announced his official retirement from the Somali piracy business during a recent press conference held in Somalia. Anyway, when I heard that he held a press conference, for some reason I wasn’t picturing a literal press conference with respected members of the media. How do you even get invited to one of these things?

Here’s the video:

On a serious note, if this guy is as big of boss as he is made out to be, I hope his legions of followers actually take his advice and renounce piracy altogether. One thing we’ve always said is that the only real solution to Somali piracy will be found on the shores of Somalia. With any luck this will be big a step in that direction.

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