Photos Show Aftermath of Pemex Platform Fire, Three Workers Still Missing

Mike Schuler
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April 3, 2015


Some new photos (and video below) released by Mexican state-run oil company Pemex show the aftermath of Wednesday’s explosion and fire at the Abkatun A- Permanente processing platform in the Bay of Campeche.

Pemex has also updated that three workers remain missing following the blast, including two contractors from the oil services company Cotemar and one Pemex employee. As was reported previously, four people died in the accident and 16 others were injured, including two who were listed in serious condition. The deceased include three contractors from Cotemar and one employee of Pemex.

Pemex said Thursday that the incident will have only minimal impact on production because the platform is used for processing, not production.

Following the explosion and fire early Wednesday morning, the facility was disconnected from the pipelines that fed into the platform, minimizing extent of the fire and any oil spill to what was remaining in the pipeline. What oil did spill into the sea was limited to runoff and was skimmed up by response vessels, Pemex said.

On Thursday, Pemex representatives and authorities were able to board the platform to survey the extent of the damage.

The cause of the accident is being investigated by the National Agency of Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Sector Hydrocarbons (ASEA).

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