Ship Photos of the Day – Inside Arendal Spirit, Teekay’s Giant Cylindrical Accommodation Rig

Mike Schuler
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July 29, 2015


Arendal Spirit is Teekay’s newest big, round accommodation rig that is currently home to about 500 workers offshore Brazil.

The unit is technically called a ‘Unit for Safety and Maintenance’ and was built based on Sevan Marine’s proprietary cylindrical hull design, which is supposed to enhance stability and motion characteristics.

The vessel has 500 beds in 248 cabins with en-suite bathrooms, exterior windows, television, internet and telephone connections. The unit also includes common areas such as a lounge areas, coffee shop, television and game room, fitness room, dining room, office areas, meeting/conference room and even a movie room.

The Arendal Spirit is currently at Campos Basin offshore Brazil on a three-year contract with Petrobras.

Teekay has a second similar unit under construction at the COSCO (Nantong) Shipyard in China, but delivery has been delayed to October 2016 because of weak conditions in floating accommodation market. A third unit is also planned but has also been delayed.

Here’s a closer look inside…


The bridge…


The beds…


Control room…


A gym…


The cafeteria…


With commercial-grade kitchen…


Computer station… 


Medical center… (just in case)


And conference room…

Here’s a video with more highlights:

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