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Oivind Lorentzen Resigns as Seacor CEO, Executive Appointments Made

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February 24, 2015

Oivind Lorentzen

SEACOR Holdings Inc. has announced this week that Oivind Lorentzen has resigned from his post as Chief Executive Officer and will continue as a director and non-executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Charles Fabrikant, Executive Chairman has assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer and John Gellert and Eric Fabrikant have been appointed co-Chief Operating Officers.

Mr. Gellert will oversee Offshore Marine Services and Mr. Eric Fabrikant will oversee Transportation Services, Witt O’Brien’s and CLEANCOR Energy Solutions.

Matthew Cenac, Chief Financial Officer, and Paul Robinson, Chief Legal Officer, have been elevated to the position of Executive Vice President. Bruce Weins, formerly Controller, has been appointed Chief Accounting Officer and Senior Vice President.

Mr. Charles Fabrikant stated, “Elevating John and Eric to co-Chief Operating Officers reflects the evolution of our organization. John has been overseeing the day-to-day operations and capital commitments of our offshore business where he manages the process of funding projects, managing joint ventures, and handling investor relations. Eric has similar responsibilities for transportation services, which embraces tanker operations, harbor towing, Caribbean liner service and inland marine, which includes an oil storage terminal and investments in grain elevators.” Mr. Charles Fabrikant added, “I would like to acknowledge Oivind’s outstanding contribution to the Company and I am extremely pleased he will continue as Vice Chairman.”

Mr. Lorentzen stated, “I enjoyed working closely with Charles, John and Eric, and am confident that the Company will have continued growth and success under their leadership. As Vice Chairman I am looking forward to an active role in helping the Company with its strategy and growth.”


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