Offshore Inspection of Shipping Containers

John Konrad
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July 9, 2007

Container Scanning

Fred Fry focused our attention on Popular Science Magazine which has a story on a new concept to scan containers before they reach our ports. The idea is that of SeaAway and is called the ‘Prior to Port’ system and it is currently being patented. In this article Pop Science tells us:

SeaAway LogoThe plan calls for pairs of 100-foot-wide platforms anchored outside the world’s major ports. Equipped with an array of sensors and unmanned surveillance drones, the system monitors for chemical, biological and nuclear traces as ships travel between the platforms.

SeaAway proposes a passage fee of $20 per container—roughly double average port fees—to help authorities offset the $100-million cost of each system. Tax breaks for shippers could help curb costs, notes Steve Kroecker, SeaAway’s founder and vice president.

Construction begins this summer on a prototype system. Kroecker won’t disclose specifics but says that SeaAway is in talks with officials from four ports in the Caribbean and one on the U.S. eastern seaboard.

I’m not sure if this idea will work but can assure you it will be at least as interesting as the company’s logo (above right).

Be sure to read the full article HERE and watch the movie below:

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