Research Icebreaker Parks on Arctic Ice Floe for Year-Long Drift Around the North Pole

German research icebreaker Polarstern is now parked Arctic Ocean ice floe where researchers will set up camp for a one-year-long drift around the North Pole in the name of climate science. Experts from the MOSAiC expedition used satellite imagery and helicopter flights to scout the perfect ice floe, perhaps the most critical piece of the puzzle in the year-long expedition to … [Read more...]

UN Report Warns Climate Change Is Accelerating Ice Melt

By Eric Roston (Bloomberg) --Days after millions of climate protesters called for international action and global leaders convened at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, the world’s top climate-science body warned that collaboration on a global scale is required to cope with an onslaught of accelerating changes. Chief among them is rapidly rising seas that will … [Read more...]

Arctic Expedition to Investigate ‘Epicenter of Climate Change”

For the first time ever, scientists will use a modern research icebreaker to drift in the ice for an entire year, allowing scientists to investigate the Arctic winter from the vicinity of the North Pole. By Ints Kalnins TROMSOE, Norway, Sept 20 (Reuters) - Scientists from 19 countries are preparing to embark on a year-long expedition to the Arctic, the longest project of … [Read more...]

Scientists Make Unplanned Update to World Magnetic Model as ‘North Pole’ Shifts Towards Siberia

Scientists with the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) have made an early update to World Magnetic Model (WMM), which helps navigation systems used by ships, planes, and submarines in the Arctic region. Scientists say the unplanned update of the WMM comes as the Earth's northern magnetic pole unpredictably moves quickly away from the Canadian Arctic … [Read more...]

Researchers Recreate Rogue Wave in Lab, Shedding Light on How They Form in Open Ocean

Researchers at the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh have worked out the unique set of conditions that allow for the creation of 'freak' or 'rogue' waves that can seemingly appear without warning and pose a danger to ships and mariners at sea. During the study, the team set out to recreate the conditions that led to famous Draupner freak wave, one of the first confirmed … [Read more...]