Newly-Renovated Costa Cruise Ship Suffers Fire

Mike Schuler
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December 26, 2014

File photo of the Costa neoClassica (formerly Costa Classica). Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Costa Cruises cruise ship suffered a fire earlier this week just days after completing a €22.5 million redesign.

The fire was suffered onboard the 53,000-ton Costa neoClassica while underway in the Red Sea on December 23rd. The fire reportedly broke out in the funnel of the ship and was extinguished by the ship’s crew.

A statement from Costa Cruises obtained by the website Cruise Critic read: “Proper investigations on root causes are in progress and situation is normal. According to the assessments now being performed, operations of the ship will be modified if needed.”

The ship was in the midst of sailing a 25-day itinerary from Savona to the Indian Ocean when the fire broke out. The cruise, which departed December 18, was the first for the ship since completing a 22.5 million euro cosmetic renovation at the San Giorgio del Porto shipyard in Genoa, Italy.

No injuries were reported.


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