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F/V Arctic Fjord

Photo by Ludeman Photographic

New US-Built Trawler-Processor for Alaskan Pollock Unveiled

Mike Schuler
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November 20, 2023

Some big news in the world of fishing with the launch of the Arctic Fjord, the first US-built trawler-processor for Alaskan pollock in over three decades. The vessel, measuring 100m in length, is currently undergoing sea trials in the Northern Pacific, equipped with an advanced technology package from Kongsberg Discovery. This integrated system is specifically tailored to locate, inspect, and engage fish with unparalleled efficiency.

Designed by Kongsberg Maritime and constructed by Thoma-Sea Marine Constructor in Louisiana, the Arctic Fjord is scheduled to commence full-time operations for Seattle-based Arctic Storm during the pollock A season in the Bering Sea in 2024.

One of the distinguishing features of the Arctic Fjord is its cutting-edge technology aimed at optimizing both efficiency and environmental performance. The vessel is equipped with the SN90 multibeam sonar, which enables precise identification of both individual fish and schools. Additionally, the ES80 sounder system allows for detailed fish inspections, while the FX80 live camera and DFS75 gear monitoring systems provide real-time verification of catch and deployment of nets.

“The Arctic Fjord sets a new benchmark for the Alaskan pollock fleet,” said Jess Woodruff, the Director of Marine Life Technology USA at Kongsberg Discovery, highlighting the vessel’s fuel-efficient design, exceptional crew accommodation, and state-of-the-art onboard processing facilities.

The Arctic Fjord also seeks to generate additional revenue streams for Arctic Storm. In addition to producing pollock fillets, the vessel will process fish meal and fish oil.

Designed by Kongsberg Maritime, the Arctic Fjord is a NVC 336 WP trawler vessel measuring 99 x 21 meters. It represents Kongsberg’s first-ever contract for a US-built vessel and is considered one of the largest fishing vessels designed by the company. Key design features include a wave-piercing bow to reduce fuel consumption and slamming in rough seas. The vessel’s crew capacity of 152 is accommodated by 48 cabins, surpassing the typical Norwegian fillet trawlers.

With its high bollard pull of 110 tonnes, enabled by a single Bergen 7,200kW main engine and a Kongsberg Maritime Promas Innoduct propeller, the Arctic Fjord is specifically designed for trawling. Additional features include a Kongsberg tunnel thruster for enhanced maneuverability and a range of Kongsberg deck machinery.

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