FN SCAR Light rifle

Former US Navy SEAL arrested in Mozambique while attempting to reclaim pirated vessel

Rob Almeida
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September 17, 2011

SEAL arrested in Mozambique A former US Navy SEAL was reported to have been arrested by Mozambique officials yesterday for illegal weapons possession while attempting to free a vessel which had been seized by pirates.

The individual is a member of Herndon, Virginia-based Greyside Group, which according to their website is, “an international risk management firm specializing in training, maritime security, intelligence operations, information security,  and high-risk personnel security, for commercial and government clients.”

According to a BBC report yesterday,

Nampula provincial police spokesperson Inacio Dina told the BBC that the weapons include an FN 5.5mm rifle, as well as ammunition and communications equipment.

There have been no official comments from the Greyside Group yet about this incident.

FN SCAR Light rifle
The FN SCAR-L, 5.56mm assault rifle was designed for use by Special Operations forces
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