MAIB Says Lack of Communication to Blame for CMA CGM Centaurus Hitting Pier Wall in Jebel Ali

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October 18, 2018

Photo: MAIB

The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch has released its report on the UK-registered CMA CGM Centaurus’ heavy contact with the pier and two shore cranes during its arrival under pilotage at Jebel Ali last year.

The accident resulted in the collapse of a shore crane and 10 injuries, including one serious injury, to shore personnel.

Video of the accident was captured on security cameras and posted online. 

Highlighting the lack of communication among the pilot and bridge team, the MAIB said the accident occurred because the ship was unable to attain high enough rate of turn into a basin in preparation for berthing.

“The pilot was unaware of the ship’s speed, and the ship’s bridge team were uncertain of the maximum speed required to complete the turn safely,” the MAIB said in its summary.

“There was no agreed plan for the intended manoeuvre, and therefore no shared mental model between the bridge team and the pilot. Consequently, the pilot was operating in isolation without the support of the bridge team, allowing the pilot’s decision-making to become a single system point of failure.

“The pilot’s performance was focused on efficiency, which influenced his decision to turn the ship into the basin without ensuring that the maneuver was conducted at a sufficiently slow speed to enable its safe completion,” the summary added.

The MAIB to DP World UAE Region that it at improve its management of pilotage and berthing operations in respect of large container ship movements within the port of Jebel Ali.

A recommendation has also been made to the International Chamber of Shipping, the International Maritime Pilots’ Association and the International Harbour Masters’ Association to promote the benefits of adhering to effective bridge resource management procedures during pilotage by endorsing Bridge Resource Management training for pilots. 

The full MAIB report can be found here

The report comes less than a week after video of another CMA CGM ship hitting a pier in India went viral

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