Light it Up: Another Weed Ship Goes Up in Smoke

Mike Schuler
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September 11, 2013

Luna-S on fire. Image (c) Marine Nationale

A cargo ship smuggling marijuana in the Mediterranean Se was set ablaze in an alleged attempt by the crew to destroy the evidence, the second such incident in the last week.

The French Ministry of Defence reports that on Sunday, the French Navy, working on a tip from customs, intercepted the Tanzanian-flagged cargo ship LUNA-S in international waters in the western Mediterranean Sea. But as the Navy vessel approached, the crew of the LUNA-S allegedly set the ship on fire.

An eventual customs inspection confirmed a large quantity of mary jane onboard, although exactly how much was being smuggled has not been determined since it may have burned in the blaze.

The incident comes just two days after the MV Gold Star, another Tanzanian-flagged cargo ship, caught fire in the Mediterranean north of Malta with an estimated 30 tons of cannabis. It is also suspected that the crew may have set fire to their illegal cargo.

The LUNA-S has since been towed back to a French port for further inspections and her eight crewmembers, who were all rescued safely, have been detained.

No word yet on whether or not the two incidents are related.

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