France Begins Deliberations on New Aircraft Carrier

PARIS, Oct 23 (Reuters) - France will make a decision on the replacement of its flagship aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle at the start of 2020, its armed forces minister said on Tuesday. The carrier has been in service since 2001 but Paris is looking to build a vessel that would take into consideration expected technological advances post-2030 and be capable of carrying a … [Read more...]

Second French Vessel to Join Search for EgyptAir Black Boxes

PARIS, June 9 (Reuters) - A second ship equipped with specialist search devices will join the hunt for the "black box" flight recorders and the wreckage of an EgyptAir jet on Friday, the head of France's air-accident investigation agency said on Thursday. A French naval supply vessel picked up a signal from one of the two recorders on June 1 and Egypt has chartered a second … [Read more...]

U.S. and French Navies Differ on Alcohol Aboard Ships

By Yeganeh Torbati ABOARD THE CHARLES DE GAULLE, Dec 19 (Reuters) - French and U.S. officials boast of the closeness of their military alliance, as highlighted by Saturday's visit from U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter to a French aircraft carrier in the Gulf. But even at sea, some cultural differences are apparent: French sailors can imbibe alcohol within moderation … [Read more...]

Light it Up: Another Weed Ship Goes Up in Smoke

A cargo ship smuggling marijuana in the Mediterranean Se was set ablaze in an alleged attempt by the crew to destroy the evidence, the second such incident in the last week. The French Ministry of Defence reports that on Sunday, the French Navy, working on a tip from customs, intercepted the Tanzanian-flagged cargo ship LUNA-S in international waters in the western … [Read more...]

French Navy storms sailboat held by Somali Pirates, one hostage killed

In a completely unrelated incident from the Maersk Alabama situation, the Associated Press and other news sources are reporting that the French Navy has stormed a sail boat being held hostage by Somali pirates in a bid to free the hostages on board. France's navy stormed a French sailboat held by pirates off the Somali coast Friday in an assault triggered by threats the … [Read more...]