Libyan Port Status Update

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February 28, 2011

LONDON (Dow Jones)–The following is a table of latest Libyan port status provided by crude traders and ship brokers.

Loadings at Libya’s major oil export terminals have been intermittent since the country was rocked by political protests which started Feb. 15.

Adverse weather has also delayed or cancelled shipping operations. Some load ports are open although no loading operations are taking place.

Libyan Port Status:

Port: Ras Lanuf terminal
Status: closed
Details: no loading operation; force majeure declared at Ras Lanuf refinery Friday

Port: Marsa Hariga terminal
Status: part open
Details: no loading operation

Port: Marsa Brega terminal
Status: part open
Details: no loading operation; M/T Saint Nicholas* berthing trial failed Sunday due to high wind speed; vessel was due to berth Monday morning weather permitting

Port: Zawia terminal
Status: part open
Details: no loading operation; open after improved weather conditions M/T Torm Ingeborg* on hold; other ships waiting at anchorage include: M/T Minerva Clara*, M/T Stealth Chois* and M/T Aegean Blue*

Port: Mellitah terminal
Status: open
Details: port opened Sunday M/T Ebn Batuta* is under loading, M/T Aqua* will follow Ebn Batuta on berth (there is only one berth)

Port: Zueitina terminal
Status: part open
Details: no loading operation; berthing trail of M/T Valfoglia* failed Monday, M/T CE-Niriis* is waiting at anchorage (no info regarding her berthing prospects)

Port: Es sider terminal
Status: open
Details: M/T Hellas Warrior* fully nominated to load 600 kb +/- 5% weather permitting (waiting for pilot to berth at terminal); Other vessels expected to arrive; M/T Trident Hope* and M/T Nippon Princess*

* = crude tanker

-By Reza Amanat, Dow Jones Newswires



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