Kulluk Tow Incident Timeline [INFOGRAPHIC]

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January 9, 2013

Ever since the AIVIQ lost the initial tow of Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig on December 27th, there were so many new developments and information pouring out that it was nearly impossible to keep track of it all. We did our best to keep up – you can see our full coverage of the Kulluk Tow Incident HERE – but even for us, there was almost too much information to fully piece together.

Luckily for us, the Kulluk Response team has put together this timeline of events to help us decipher the wealth of information that came in over the past two weeks. Check it out:



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Timeline via Kulluk Response

Once again, we’d like to offer our thanks and appreciation to the crews who helped keep everyone safe and the impact on the environment limited – this incident could have turned any which way. We’d also like to thank the people behind the KullukResponse.com who kept the public up to speed on everything we needed to know. The daily media briefings, updates, photos, videos, fact sheets, maps and graphics were appreciated by all.

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