Korea to invest over $180 million in WIG design

John Konrad
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September 28, 2007

Korean Wing-In-Ground Ship

This Korean newspaper tells us of Koreas plan to invest over $180 million in Wing-In-Ground aircraft to be used as a commercial transportation solution:

The 20-seat WIG ship proposed by the government would be 77 m long, 65 m wide and weigh 300 tons. It would travel at speeds of 250 to 300 km/h, similar to the KTX train, and carry a loads of around 100 tons, as much as Boeing 747 can carry.

The government plans to spend W170 billion to develop the ship over five years, aiming for test runs in 2011 and commercial operations from 2012. The vessel would be used as a passenger ship, freighter or military craft.

Traveling three or four times faster than normal ships, a WIG ship exploits aerodynamic forces to skim just one to five meters above the water. Read More…

We reviewed WIG aircraft in this previous post and can only wonder if this is an emerging trend.

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