Caspian Sea Monster – World’s Fastest Ship OR Largest Plane?

  From the gCaptain Archive: World's Fastest Ship OR Largest Plane? Thrilling Wonder brings us the story of The Caspian Sea Monster. Built during the cold war this Russian plane hovered over the water at speeds exceeding 200 knots. They hover and skim above the water surface at speeds of up to 250 miles an hour, they carry heavier loads of cargo and troops than any … [Read more...]

MSC Daniela – World’s Largest Container Ship (by TEU)

Image Source: Containership-Info The MSC Daniela was built by Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy industries Co. Ltd in South Korea and delivered to Mediterranean Shipping Company in December 2009. In terms of TEU capacity, she is the largest container ship ever built and able to accomodate up to 14,000 twenty-foot-equivalent containers.  At an overall length of 366 meters, … [Read more...]

Korea to invest over $180 million in WIG design

This Korean newspaper tells us of Koreas plan to invest over $180 million in Wing-In-Ground aircraft to be used as a commercial transportation solution: The 20-seat WIG ship proposed by the government would be 77 m long, 65 m wide and weigh 300 tons. It would travel at speeds of 250 to 300 km/h, similar to the KTX train, and carry a loads of around 100 tons, as much as Boeing … [Read more...]