smit amandla kiani satu track

The Kiani Satu Has Sunk [UPDATE]

Rob Almeida
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August 21, 2013

smit amandla kiani satu track
Update (21 August) –
As of 0400 local time, the Kiani Satu has sunk according to a statement by the Kynsna Municipality in South Africa. She went down in waters approximately 1000 meters deep, 100 nautical miles from shore.

Update (20 August) –

The above image via Windward Maritime Analytics Services Company shows the southerly track of the SMIT AMANDLA, which holds the Kiani Satu under tow while making about 2 to 5 knots of speed over the ground. As of last night, the two vessels were already 100 nautical miles from shore

Windward notes that the dogleg to the southeast was due to the need to avoid the Ensco 5001 rig, circled in blue.

Earlier update (19 August) –

With huge breaking surf crashing all around, the 165-meter bulk carrier Kiani Satu was pulled free from a South African beach this weekend by the SMIT Amandla, a large ocean-going tug.   It seems however, that although the beach has now been spared from further environmental damage, the ship itself is doomed to a watery grave.

South Africa Maritime Safety Authority spokesperson, Captain Nigel Campbell, notes that the SMIT Amandla is currently making best speed south toward deep water as the sea continues to leak into the vessel.

In a report obtained by South African news company Algoa FM, Captain Campbell notes,

“I have just now flown back from the ship, she is 70 nautical miles off shore in about 300 meters of water. We had a salvage team on board during an assessment this morning, but from the plane I could tell that there is more water going into the ship. I have told them to take the salvors off and then the tug is to make best possible speed south. I think she is going to sink.”

We have called Campbell for further comment, however we have been unable to reach him.


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