K Line Offshore’s KL Sandefjord: the world’s most powerful anchor handling tug

Rob Almeida
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December 24, 2010

K Line Offshore’s KL Sandefjord just completed sea trials and set the new world record at 430 tons (390 metric) for a bollard pull by an anchor handling vessel on the main propellers.

This Wartsila-powered beast was built primarily for ultra-deepwater use by STX NOL of Norway.

In line with the industry push for “greener” ship designs, this vessel has a highly efficient power plant that can be operated in a number of different ways.  Depending on her tasking, the controllable-pitch propellers and thrusters can be powered via diesel-electric, diesel-mechanical, or hybrid modes.

For more technical specs, click here.   You can also follow the discussion in the Forum.

Thanks to Vikingsailor for the heads up!

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