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Jumbo Conducts Heavy Lift in Support of Gorgon LNG Export Facility Development

Rob Almeida
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May 23, 2012

Not only is Barrow Island, Australia a Class A Nature Reserve, but soon it will be an important LNG export hub from the Gorgon Field, one of the largest gas fields on the planet.  A key component of this new export facility will be the Materials Offload Facility (MOF), consisting of wharves and craft landing facilities.  Creating the base of the MOF are 25 massive caissons, built in Malaysia.

Contracted by transport and logistics firm DB Schenker, on behalf of the Saipem Leighton Consortium, Jumbo Shipping’s Jumbo Jubilee will transport the caissons from Port Klang, Malaysia to Barrow Island, Australia.  At Barrow Island, Jumbo will use anchor points and mooring lines to keep the vessel in position while discharging the caissons.

The heavy lift vessel has a unique deck layout, enormous hold capacity and is allowed to sail with open hatches. This makes it possible to make optimum use of the capacity and transport seven MOF caissons at once while maintaining a minimum ship draught.

jumbo shipping jubilee gorgon caissons
Image: Jumbo Shipping

With two voyages complete, the Jumbo Jubilee has two more voyages ahead of her to complete the task.  Demobilization is planned in July 2012.

jumbo jubilee heavy lift shipping gorgon caissons
The caissons, weighing from 600t up to 700t (D: 12.5 and H: 16.8 meter), will be lifted from a barge and placed in the hold of the vessel for transport. Image: Jumbo Shipping

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