IsatData Pro Integrates Fuel Management Data

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June 25, 2012

SkyWave Mobile Communications today announced the first deployment of IsatData Pro by Kemilinks International (Kemilinks), a developer of web-based and client server applications for asset tracking, monitoring, remote telemetry solutions, and Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Data Centre services. By integrating the IsatData Pro satellite service with Kemilinks’ proprietary Fuel Monitoring System, the cost of maritime M2M applications requiring higher bandwidth is no longer a problem.

Kemilinks’ Fuel Monitoring System is built to interface with any flow meter model and other sensors such as engine control panel, anemometer, GPS, etc., to capture data regarding engine RPM, engine load, propeller pitch, propeller load and rudder angle. Data can be collected and graphical trending reports can be analyzed at the vessel’s corporate headquarters to determine the best ways to maximize efficiency.

By incorporating SkyWave’s IsatData Pro with the Fuel Monitoring System, Kemilinks’ solution meets the increasing demand for more detailed information in M2M applications and allows businesses to share more data across diverse operations, via emails, electronic forms and workflow information.

“The efficiency this design offers to onshore management is unrivalled and it comes at a very cost effective price,” said S. H. Tay, Director of Marketing and Projects for Kemilinks International. “Benefits include always knowing the location and operational performance of the vessel and having the capability to immediately make effective directives to correct operational inefficiencies.”

IsatData Pro offers a significant increase in payload capacity compared to other satellite-based M2M services currently in the market, delivering up to 10,000 bytes of information to the device and up to 6,400 bytes from the device. Other global M2M satellite services offer inferior data connectivity at between 270 and 340 bytes.

“Combining Kemilinks’ Fuel Monitoring System with IsatData Pro will bring significant changes to the telemetry environment,” said Jenn Markey, Director of Marketing and Product Management at SkyWave. “We look forward to combining forces to help Kemilinks expand their position as a leading solutions provider for the maritime industry.”

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