Nose Job Leads to Big Savings for Clipper Multi-Purpose Vessel

International shipping company, Clipper Group, says it has achieved an overall fuel savings of about 8.5% from a new bulbous bow recently installed on a 2011-built multipurpose vessel. Clipper says that an in-house technical management team decided on a new bulbous bow while working on fuel efficiency and energy consumption optimization. For the project, the team chose … [Read more...]

Seaspan Adds Five 14,000 TEU Newbuilds After Inking Charter Contracts

New York-listed Seaspan Corporation (NYSE: SSW) has ordered an additional five fuel-efficient 14,000 TEU containerships after signing a total of ten long-term, fixed rate time charter contracts with Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. for the vessels. The first five ships are to be built at Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea and will be chartered to Yang Ming … [Read more...]

IsatData Pro Integrates Fuel Management Data

SkyWave Mobile Communications today announced the first deployment of IsatData Pro by Kemilinks International (Kemilinks), a developer of web-based and client server applications for asset tracking, monitoring, remote telemetry solutions, and Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Data Centre services. By integrating the IsatData Pro satellite service with Kemilinks' … [Read more...]

From Broke To Billions – Risk Management, Efficiency And The Secret To Success

Why are some shipping magnates among the wealthiest individuals in the world while others spend most of their time in bankruptcy hearings? The answer seems obvious, the income of any successful business exceeds operating costs. This is true in every business but, in this industry, even the most successful ship owners operate just above the margins of profitability. So how do … [Read more...]

Wärtsilä’s next generation PSV promises unmatched efficiency

​The new VS 485 Mk III has outstanding performance in the areas of fuel-efficiency and safety. Image courtesy Wärtsilä Wärtsilä has said it has won a contract to supply the design and equipment for a new Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) for offshore market.  The PSV will be of the new VS 485 Mk III design and is said to be one of the most cost and fuel-efficient … [Read more...]