Iranian Supertanker Collides with Containership off Singapore

Rob Almeida
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January 6, 2012

At about 2100hrs on 04 Jan 2012 (Singapore time), the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) received a report that a Singapore-registered containership, Kota Tenaga and a Malta-registered VLCC, M/T SEEB had collided at about 2.7km south of Pulau Sebarok.

The master of Kota Tenaga reported that about 5 metric tons of marine fuel oil had spilled into the sea.  An inter-agency effort, coordinated by MPA, was immediately activated to contain and clean up the oil spill. The spillage of oil from Kota Tenaga was contained and Kota Tenaga was moved to Raffles Reserved Anchorage. An oil boom was laid around the vessel as a precaution. There is no report of injury to crew members.

A total of 12 craft was activated to monitor and clean up the oil spill. Non-toxic and biodegradable oil spill dispersants were used to break up patches of oil sighted in the vicinity of Pulau Pawai, Pulau Senang, and Raffles Reserved Anchorage.

MPA continues to monitor the situation closely and will respond to any sighting of oil patches.

Traffic in the port and the Strait of Singapore remains unaffected.

MPA is investigating the cause of the collision.

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