Klaus Luhta Podcast: Interview the Interviewer – A Chat with Maritime TV’s Dave Gardy

Klaus Luhta
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March 19, 2018

Dave Gardy has carved a niche in the maritime industry with Maritime TV and his well-known segments like “Mondays With Maitland” and “Conversations With Cartner”.

Usually, Dave is the one asking the questions but in this segment, we get an opportunity to peek behind the curtain and find more about him and his work.

After graduating from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy with a marine engineering degree, Gardy worked doing design work.

As part of his work, Gardy began documenting his project vessels using video cameras and providing commentary. Seeing an opportunity for his own business, he started a company that filmed ships for corporate clients and eventually became one of the first internet video streaming companies.

The evolution of his business to today has him providing corporate video service for a number of business sectors, including maritime.

Have a listen to the interview my interview with Dave Gardy below:

You can find more about Dave Gardy at maritimetv.com.

Klaus Luhta is a licensed USCG deep sea Master, an attorney, and advocate for seafarers around the globe. Views expressed are his own. 
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